Mar. 10, 2023

Rising Price of Wheat Makes Good Flour Products More Competitive

Rising Price of Wheat Makes Good Flour Products More Competitive

Vancouver, BC


VANCOUVER, BC, March 10, 2023 /CNW/ - The Good Flour Corp. (CSE: GFCO) (OTCQB: GFCOF) (FSE: 3KZ) ("GFCO") anticipates the predicted rise in global wheat costs will assist with price parity for the Company's product range, compared to wheat based flour and cooking ingredients.

Wheat, is the world's third largest food staple behind corn and rice, and makes ups 15% of global nutrition. Several factors are driving up the price of wheat, Russia and the Ukrainian two of the world's largest wheat producers are in conflict. As well, India the world's second largest producer of wheat recently announced a ban on wheat exports. India is not alone and in addition to Russia and Ukraine, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kosovo and Serbia have also banned wheat exports.

According to the World bank, the war has triggered a huge spike in wheat prices, with Russia and Ukraine among the biggest exporters of the commodity. Both countries account for 29% of global wheat exports.

While wheat prices rose nearly 50% alone in 2022 and are predicted to climb further. Good Flour's non-GMO, gluten-free, rice and millet-based flour that is healthier and higher in quality, has seen price decreases due to lower shipping costs, in spite of inflation and global pressure on wheat prices.


"We are quite fortunate that the pressure on global wheat prices have had less of an effect on the cost of our core products," explained out Matthew Clayton, CEO of GFCO. "We have been able to maintain our pricing with only modest increases. A stable product, with a stable price, not only assists us in gaining new customers but allows us retain the ones we have."

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About The Good Flour Corp.

GFCO's mission is to provide a gluten-free, allergen free, hassle-free all-purpose baking flour blend that allows individuals with gluten and other food allergies to enjoy life without giving up their favorite foods or settling for low-quality alternatives. GFCO also provides gluten and allergen free fried chicken batter, fish & chip batter, pizza & pasta mix, tempura batter, pancake and waffle blend (including Patty Cakes™), cake mix and pizza crusts.

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